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Mr. Neff’s Civics class is simulating the lawmaking process in the General Assembly. How will the class simulate the final step?
a) Students will debate the bill.
b) Students will work in committees.
c) A student will propose the bill.
d) A student will sign the bill.

Education, public health, and the environment are primary issues in the legislative process at the -
a) local level.
b) state level.
c) regional level.
d) national level.

The state biennial budget is APPROVED by the –
a) President.
b) Governor.
c) General Assembly.
d) Judicial branch.

Before the state government of Virginia can pass a law, it must be signed by the −
a) President.
b) Governor.
c) General Assembly.
d) Congress.

Which of these is NOT a state legislative concern?
a) Public health
b) Environment
c) Conduct foreign policy
d) Collect taxes

Which branch of state government has the power to levy and collect taxes?
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Local
d) Regional

Which is a primary responsibility of state governments?
a) vetoing laws passed by the U.S. Congress
b) establish minimum standards for local schools
c) approve treaties with foreign nations
d) establish commerce regulations

In Virginia, the executive branch −
a) makes laws for Virginia.
b) makes ordinances for the community.
c) executes laws of Virginia.
d) hears cases under the authority provided by state legislation.

Complete the analogy: The President is to the national government as the Governor is to the −
a) legislative branch.
b) executive branch.
c) national government.
d) state government.

The powers of the state's executive branch are carried out by cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and –
a) regulatory boards. of the United States.
b) courts.
c) local government.
d) regional offices.

When the governor of Virginia signs a bill into law, what role is the governor fulfilling?
a) Chief of State
b) Commander-in-Chief
c) Party Chief
d) Chief Legislator

Who serves as commander-in-chief of Virginia’s armed forces?
a) Lieutenant Governor
b) Governor
c) Head Colonel
d) Attorney General

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