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Blake will cook some pasta for dinner. He puts a pot of water on the stove to boil. What best describes the type of physical change of boiling water?
a) Change in size
b) Change in state
c) Change in color
d) Change in shape

Miguel wears an antique copper ring. Every few days, the ring looks green and dull. Miguel polishes the ring to make it shine again. What is the substance that forms on Miguel's ring?
a) ash
b) rust
c) tarnish
d) powder

Having fun at an outdoor party can involve chemical and physical changes. Which activity describes a chemical change?
a) Jumping on a trampoline
b) Playing hide-and-seek
c) Throwing water balloons at a target
d) Roasting marshmallows over a fire

Physical changes happen when a substance changes, but its particles remain the same. No new substance forms. Which of the following is a physical change?
a) burning
b) decaying
c) evaporating
d) rusting

Before swimming, Kiera covers her arms and legs with sunscreen. She blows up an inner tube to float on and jumps into the pool. After an hour, Kiera notices that her face has become sunburned. Which action is a chemical change?
a) Putting sunscreen on her arms and legs
b) blowing up an inner tube
c) jumping into a pool
d) becoming sunburned

From the time it was first built, a boat sat in a storage building. The boat changed from when it was new. The iron sides of the boat have formed iron oxide. What happened to the boat?
a) It sank
b) It rusted
c) It burned
d) It crashed

Winnie wants to make a tossed salad. She chops lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. Then she puts them into a large bowl and mixes them up. She then eats it and her body digest it. Which is a chemical change?
a) chopping carrots
b) mixing the salad
c) biting food
d) digesting the salad

Ian pushes the mower around the yard, cutting the grass to about 2 in. tall. When he stops the mower, he removes the grass catcher and pours the clippings into the compose pile for them to decompose and sweeps the sidewalk. Which statement is true?
a) Cutting the grass is a chemical change
b) Composting the grass is a physical change
c) Sweeping the sidewalk is a physical change
d) Pushing the mower is a chemical change

Carlos is making caramel apples. He melts sugar in a pan. He watches it carefully as the sugar turns brown and becomes caramel. He pushes a stick into the bottom of an apple. Then he stirs the apple in the caramel. Pick the chemical change
a) Carlos melting sugar
b) Sugar becoming caramel
c) Carlos putting the stick into the apple
d) Carlos covering the apple with caramel

Jamail has two pieces of steel wool. Steel wool (J) is dry and exposed to air. Steel wool (K) is wet and exposed to air. What is Jamail likely to observe after a week has passed?
a) Both pieces of steel wool have rusted
b) Steel wool (J) is the only piece of steel wool that has rusted
c) Steel wool (K) is the only piece of steel wool that has rusted
d) Neither piece of steel wool rusted

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