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The Virginia Constitution distributes power among the −
a) administrative branches of government.
b) General Assembly.
c) Governor’s office.
d) three branches of government.

Virginia’s legislative branch is the –
a) General Assembly.
b) Congress.
c) House of Burgesses.
d) Parliament

Virginia's General Assembly consists of the Virginia Senate and the -
a) House of Representatives.
b) House of Delegates.
c) House of Lawmakers.
d) House of Burgesses.

What is the term of office for Virginia’s Governor?
a) four years
b) two years
c) five years
d) eight years

The executive power on the state level of government is exercised by the–
a) Senate.
b) Governor.
c) House of Delegates.
d) Judges.

To oversee specific functions of the state government, the Governor appoints –
a) members of the Senate.
b) members of House of Delegates.
c) members of the cabinet.
d) members of the court system.

A reserved power is one that is −
a) not specifically granted to the national government but is held by the states.
b) specifically granted to the national government and not held by the states.
c) held concurrently by the national and state governments.
d) held back until it is needed by the state governments.

The Constitution of the United States of America establishes a division of power between the states and the national government. This system of government is known as −
a) nationalism.
b) federalism.
c) representative government.
d) charter government.

How are the powers of the states designated?
a) The Constitution does not designate any powers to the states.
b) The Constitution designates powers only to the states.
c) The Constitution reserves powers to the states that are not designated to the national government.
d) The Magna Carta dictates what powers the states have.

The relationship between the state and federal governments is outlined in the −
a) Preamble.
b) Constitution of the United States of America.
c) Articles of Declaration.
d) Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

If a power is NOT specifically given to the national government, then the power is held by the −
a) local authorities.
b) regional branch.
c) judicial branch.
d) states.

Tensions exist when federal mandates require state actions without −
a) state permission.
b) adequate funding.
c) specialized training.
d) state representation.

The responsibility of conducting foreign policy falls primarily on the −
a) state government.
b) national government.
c) local government.
d) county government.

Which is a primary responsibility of the state level of government?
a) promote public health, safety, and welfare
b) conduct foreign policy
c) regulate commerce
d) have an army

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