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What prevents the passage of water and mineral ions between the adjacent cell walls of the endoderm in roots?
a) pericycle
b) Casparian strip
c) cortex
d) Vegas strip

What type of root stores food?
a) taproot
b) fibrous root
c) prop root
d) root beet

What root specialization is associated with nitrogen fixing bacteria?
a) haustoria
b) mycorrhizae
c) root nodules
d) adventitious roots

Primary growth of a stem results in an increase in
a) width (girth).
b) height.
c) width and height.
d) the number of buds on a stem.

The vascular bundles of woody stems are
a) scattered throughout the stem.
b) in a distinct ring.
c) in two distinct rings.
d) nonexistent (no distinct vascular bundles).

The wood of a woody stem is composed of
a) phloem.
b) xylem.
c) cambium.
d) cork.

Bark consists of
a) cork, cork cambium, and xylem.
b) cork, phloem, and xylem.
c) cork, cork cambium, and phloem.
d) cork cambium, phloem, and xylem.

The structures that function in gas exchange in a woody stem are
a) nodes.
b) internodes.
c) lenticels.
d) meristems.

The mesophyll is involved in
a) water transport.
b) photosynthesis.
c) leaf protection.
d) the control of water loss to prevent dehydration.

The cells that control the opening and closing of the stomata are the
a) trichomes.
b) pallisade mesophyll.
c) collenchyma cells.
d) guard cells.

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