Plant Organs And Tissues Question Preview (ID: 24973)

BIO 2.

All of the following are vegetative plant organs EXCEPT
a) roots
b) stems
c) seeds
d) leaves

Leaves attach to a stem at a
a) lenticel
b) node
c) internode
d) junction

What attaches a leaf to a stem?
a) blade
b) axillary bud
c) petiole
d) vein

The vascular bundles of a eudicot stem are
a) scattered throughout the stem.
b) in a star shape.
c) concentrated on one side.
d) in a distinct ring.

Which tissue functions as a protective covering of a plant?
a) epidermal
b) endodermal
c) ground
d) vascular

Which type of ground tissue cell type functions to support the immature portions of a plant?
a) parenchyma
b) collenchyma
c) sclerenchyma
d) musichyma

Which ground tissue cell type is surrounded by lignin to make the walls tough and hard?
a) parenchyma
b) collenchyma
c) sclerenchyma
d) musichyma

Phloem functions to transport
a) water and minerals.
b) sucrose and other organic compounds.
c) dihydrogen oxide.
d) carbon dioxide.

Companion cells are associated with sieve-tube members in
a) ground tissue.
b) epidermal tissue.
c) xylem.
d) phloem.

Xylem is composed of vessel elements and
a) tracheids.
b) sieve-tube members.
c) companion cells.
d) epidermal cells.

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