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Which can make its own food?
a) butterfly
b) snail
c) sunflower
d) tiger

Which explains why a plant is a living thing?
a) It contains iron.
b) It has a green color.
c) It is eaten by animals.
d) It grows and reproduces.

Which would help add extra oxygen to a room?
a) a fireplace
b) a green plant
c) a shade for the window
d) a storm door

New, large rocks can be formed when small rocks
a) freeze.
b) dissolve.
c) get squeezed together.
d) are added to sandy soil.

Tommy found a mineral and wants to know what kind it is. What is one thing Tommy can check to help figure it out?
a) hardness
b) weight
c) temperature
d) length

The populations in most cities around the world continue to increase. More resources are consumed, and more waste products are generated. Which of these happens as a result of this?
a) Resources need to decrease.
b) Resources can still be kept the same.
c) Air, noise, and water pollution will increase.
d) Air, noise, and water pollution will stay the same.

Manuel's class learns that many trees in the rain forests of South America are being cut down. Why is this harmful to the atmosphere?
a) Trees give off oxygen.
b) Trees give off greenhouse gases.
c) Trees renew the soil around them.
d) Trees turn into oil after a long time.

Which of these statements is true of magnets?
a) All magnets attract glass.
b) Some magnets attract paper.
c) Some magnets attract plastic.
d) Magnets attract certain metals.

Which method describes a way to create friction?
a) Place a plate in soapy water.
b) Burn a piece of paper in a fire.
c) Connect a battery to a remote control.
d) Smooth a piece of wood with sandpaper.

Table salt is a mineral. Which is one reason table salt would be classified as a mineral?
a) It is found in only one color.
b) It melts at high temperatures.
c) It has a definite crystal structure.
d) It is found in only one place on Earth.

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