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What do the letters HTTP stand for?
a) High Telephonic Treansfer Protocol
b) Hypertext Topology Protocol
c) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
d) Hyper Transfer Text Procedure

Files with extensions such a JPG, GIF, PICT, and BMP are examples of what kind of file types?
a) graphic image files
b) animation files
c) sound files
d) video files

Which axis in a 3-D image creates the illusion of depth?
a) Z-axis
b) X-axis
c) Y-axis
d) horizontal-axis

Which of the following is NOT a multimedia career field?
a) 3D animator
b) Web specialist
c) multimedia designer
d) help line support technician

Which of the following is a codec for compressing video?
a) CineMovie
b) WMA
c) DMV
d) MPEG-2

The two most commonly used file formats for Web graphics are?
a) GIF and JPEG
b) GIF and BMP
c) JPEG and BMP
d) BMP and TIFF

A working model of the conceptual design for multimedia project is called?
a) a storyboard
b) an animation
c) a prototype
d) a transition effect

Which of the following is the best method of providing samples of multimedia work you have created to potential employers?
a) a resume
b) a digital portfolio
c) a reference
d) a cover letter

What are WYSIWYG HTML editors?
a) Strictly text editors that do not display graphics.
b) Table generation editors only.
c) Editors that will show what the web page will look like when it is published to the web.
d) Editors that display grahpics, audio, and video only

The function of a first depth prototype in the development of a multimedia project serves to:
a) Convert CD ROM material to online format.
b) Convert online course material to CD ROM.
c) Establish procedures for course documentation
d) Set project expectations for the course motif, color scheme, navigation, content, and activities.

What does FTP stand for?
a) File Transfer Protocol
b) Fixed Test Paper
c) File Transport Policy
d) Fixed Transfer Process

A predefined cube, sphere, cone, torus, or cylinder are known as what in a 3-D program?
a) symbols
b) creation tools
c) primitives
d) objects

The most effective video shots for web-delivered multimedia projects are?
a) pedestal shots
b) close-up shots
c) panning shots
d) wide shots

Which of the following is a career that does NOT use 3-D modeling?
a) machinist
b) layout designer
c) industrial designers
d) special effects artists

Real-time streaming of audio and video:
a) Allows you to play a file without downloading.
b) Allows you to play a file while downloading from the Web.
c) Allows you to play a file that has been downloaded.
d) Allows you to download a file for playback later.

What is a computer program called that restricts and/or filters the flow of data between a local network and the Internet at large?
a) cache bank
b) certificate
c) firewall
d) inter-linked server

Completing the final calculations that turn a scene or animation into a bitmapped image is called?
a) extrusion
b) rendering
c) diffusion
d) post-production

Which of the following is not rendering material (texture)?
a) grain
b) metal
c) wood
d) light

To keep download time of graphics to a minimum it is best to keep the file size under or at:
a) 100K
b) 50K
c) 200K
d) 150K

What is an advantage to anti-aliasing an image or text?
a) Images or text have smoother edges
b) Images or text download faster.
c) Blurs small text.
d) Larger file size.

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