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The combined use of several different kinds of media including but not limited to movies, music, lighting, and the Internet, is called:
a) entertainment
b) inventions
c) multimedia
d) industrial technology

What does the refresh or reload button do in browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape?
a) Refreshes or reloads only the text of the page.
b) Causes the browser to reread the HTML source file and updates and changes.
c) Refreshes or reloads the browser's default page only.
d) Loads the version of the page stored in the browser's Cache.

Authoring tools help you:
a) Write a storyboard for multimedia projects.
b) Search the internet.
c) Create 2D or 3D animations.
d) Control the presentation of multimedia events.

Which format will allow web animation?
b) GIF
d) BMP

Mulitmedia can be used for all of the following EXCEPT:
a) training
b) presentations
c) desktop publication
d) interactive games

Quick commands (shortcuts) are performed by:
a) Using the joystick.
b) Using the keyboard.
c) Using the mouse.
d) Using a drawing tablet.

In a 3-D program, a display mode that shows models as an intersecting frame of line segments is called?
a) projection
b) wireframe
c) primitie
d) spline

The member of the multimedia development team who knows a subject area intimately and helps find and select materials to include in the product is called
a) the client
b) the subject matter expert
c) the project manager
d) the graphic designer

Which type of media are you NOT likely to find in a multimedia project?
a) Text
b) Audio
c) Print
d) Digital Video

If you want a user to interact with Web page components individually without affecting other components of the Web page, you should set up the Web page with?
a) frames
b) tables
c) helpers
d) forms

Copyright law is:
a) Not an issue for multimedia development.
b) Locally controlled by state government.
c) Federal law that does not vary from state to state.
d) Managed by recording companies.

A function on a Web page whereby a change takes place when the cursor passes over a specific sign such as a button, label, or image is known as a(n)?
a) animation
b) model
c) event
d) multitask

How many actual web-safe colors are there?
a) 216
b) 128
c) 16,000,000
d) 24

One disadvantage of vector-based images is:
a) They require large storage space.
b) They are not suitable for photo realism.
c) They are difficult to create and edit.
d) They cannot be resized without degradation.

To make a paragraph of text easier to read on a screen it is best to use:
a) a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters
b) all uppercase letters
c) all lowercase letters
d) multi-colored letters

The true aspect ratio of a typical computer monitor is:
a) 9:16
b) 16:9
c) 6:5
d) 4:3

If the development team is not meeting its deadlines, it is the responsibility of which team member to find a solution
a) Client
b) Programmer
c) Project Manager
d) Subject Mater Expert

What is an Internet plug-in?
a) An audio editor only.
b) A software extension that the browser uses to play or display items on a web page.
c) A text editor only.
d) A video editor only.

In multimedia development, in-house testing is usually done during:
a) story boarding
b) alpha testing
c) beta testing
d) prototyping

Name the three most important lights for video lighting:
a) spotlight, fill, and boom
b) key, backlight, and fill
c) key, natural, and backlight
d) spot, hairline, main

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