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Which word best describes the duration of most tornadoes?
a) Brief
b) Lengthy
c) Prolonged
d) Instantaneous

An air mass that forms off of the southeast coast of the United States is
a) warm, moist
b) cold, dry
c) cool, moist
d) hot, dry

Lightning results
a) from the build-up of positive and negative electrical charges in clouds
b) the rapid heating of the air
c) high winds
d) when air heats and expands rapidly, then cools quickly and contracts

A _________________ forecasts the weather using data collected from many sources.
a) meteorologist
b) geologist
c) biologist
d) hydrologist

Land breezes
a) occur at night
b) occur during the day
c) move from the sea to the land
d) are caused by slow heating of the ocean waters

What is the difference between absolute humidity and relative humidity?
a) Absolute humidity is how much water the air can hold, relative humidity represents how much water the air actually holds
b) Relative humidity makes the air sticky, absolute humidity makes air dry
c) Absolute humidity represents how much water the air actually holds, relative humidity is how much water the air can hold.
d) Absolute humidity is expressed as a percentage, relative humidity is expressed as a whole number.

Large thunderheads associated with sudden thunderstorms
a) Cumulonimbus
b) Stratus clouds
c) Cirrus Clouds
d) Nimbus clouds

Used to measure wind speed
a) Anemometer
b) Wind vane
c) Barometer
d) Hygrometer

What directions do air masses move in the United States?
a) From west to east
b) From east to west
c) From north to south
d) from south to north

What determines the type of air mass that forms over an area?
a) The location where it forms
b) The amount of oxygen present
c) The direction of the air flow
d) The amount of air present

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