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Where did MOST European immigrants who came to the United States in the late 1800s work?
a) ships on the coast
b) plantations in the South
c) farms in the Great Plains
d) factories in the North

Which of the following is a basic responsibility of citizens living in the United States?
a) getting a driver's license
b) earning as much money as possible
c) paying income taxes
d) running for political office

How did the 1929 stock market crash affect the United States economy in the 1930s?
a) Unemployment reached its highest level in United States history.
b) Stock prices were higher than investors could afford.
c) Congress voted to reject New Deal policies.
d) Agriculture replaced manufacturing as the primary industry.

What was the biggest problem facing the United States at the end of the Civil War?
a) paying off way debts
b) rebuilding the South and bringing it back into the Union
c) setting up the Freedmen's Bureau
d) catching and punishing the man who assassinated Lincoln

American citizens have both rights and responsibilities. Which statement is TRUE?
a) Checking out a library book is a right.
b) A right is earned.
c) A right is guaranteed by law.
d) Taking a field trip is a right.

World War II ended in August 1945 when Japan surrendered. What happened as a result of Japan's surrender?
a) Harry S. Truman was defeated in his reelection as president.
b) Americans celebrated the surrender, which was called VJ Day.
c) Atomic bombs were outlawed for future use.
d) Japanese Americans started emigrating to Japan again.

What did American women do during World War II that helped them gain respect during the war and afterwards?
a) They protested against the war.
b) They served on submarines.
c) They flew bombers over Germany.
d) They worked in wartime defense industries.

The United Nations was created after World War II. What opinion did the United States government have about joining the United Nations.
a) The president felt it would probably not work.
b) Congress considered it dangerous to get involved.
c) The president supported it, but the Senate did not.
d) The president and the rest of the government supported it.

Why did the United States begin to send advisers and troops to Vietnam in the 1950s?
a) to prepare for the United States invasion of Laos
b) to defend American bases in the Gulf of Tonkin
c) to help the South Vietnamese revolt against the French
d) to prevent the spread of communism into South Vietnam

People play different roles in economics: producer, provider, consumer, and investor. The person working at a grocery store is a
a) producer.
b) provider.
c) consumer.
d) investor.

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