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Marta has a radio in her room. It requires electricity in order to play. Which of the following is necessary in order for electricity to move from the source to the radio?
a) a circuit
b) a magnet
c) a light bulb
d) an insulator

If enough heat is taken away from a container of water, what will happen to the water?
a) It will begin to boil.
b) It will become a solid.
c) It will turn into a gas.
d) It will increase in weight.

The flattest part of the ocean floor is the
a) trench.
b) abyssal plain.
c) continental shelf.
d) mid-ocean rift valley

Wanda's dad wired new lights for her playroom. When he thought everything was connected correctly, he turned on the switch and nothing happened. What could be the problem?
a) He put too many lights and switches in the circuit.
b) He needed to connect more batteries to the circuit.
c) He made a mistake that caused an open circuit.
d) He should have wired the circuit in parallel.

What is a common cause of mudflows?
a) strong winds
b) extreme cold
c) extreme heat
d) heavy rains

Several scientists observe an animal with hair and wings. This animal is a
a) bat.
b) bird.
c) butterfly.
d) flying squirrel.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. How does acid rain affect limestone?
a) Acid rain causes limestone to become magma.
b) Acid rain turns limestone into slate.
c) Acid rain builds up limestone.
d) Acid rain breaks down limestone.

If a jeweler is working on a small watch, why might he or she need to use a magnifying glass?
a) to see the tiny parts of the watch
b) to increase the light on the watch
c) to make the watch smaller
d) to correct the jeweler's vision

A conservation group wants to control some of the destructive processes created by erosion in a coastal area. Which action should the group take?
a) place a series of mesh panels perpendicular to the beach
b) build underwater walls 100 miles from the shore line
c) introduce non-native plants and animals to the area
d) restore a lighthouse to warn ships of the rocky coast line

Which of these is an example of a storm drain management process?
a) training marine life to detect clogged drains
b) monitoring fuel production to reduce emissions
c) removing debris from storm drain structures
d) clearing airborne pathogens from manufacturing facilities

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