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What is photosynthesis?
a) The process of how a plant gets oxygen
b) The process of how a plant makes its own food
c) The process of how a plant gives us water

What part of the plant receives sunlight and carbon dioxide?
a) stem
b) petal
c) leaf
d) roots

What ingredients go INTO a plant during photosynthesis?
a) oxygen and glucose
b) water, oxygen, and sunlight energy
c) water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight energy

What ingredientes go OUT of a plant during photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) carbon dioxide and sunlight energy
c) oxygen and glucose
d) oxygen and energy

What is the job of the roots and stem?
a) They transport water and nutrients to the leaves during photosynthesis
b) They help the plant move and cool down
c) The transport water and nutrients to the petals.
d) That is the location of photosynthesis

What do the stomata help the leaves do?
a) take in and let out gases
b) keep the leaf green
c) get water

What is transpiration?
a) The evaporation or release of water vapor by plants
b) The absorption of water by plants
c) The process in which plants make their own food

Why do plants transpire?
a) To get more water
b) To cool off
c) To grow

The waxy cuticle and epidermis can be found...
a) inside the middle of the leaf
b) on the stem
c) on the outside of the leaf

What structure do plants need for photosynthesis?
a) hydrogen
b) nitrogen
c) chlorophyll

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