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Fears of communism grew in the U.S. during this era because
a) Eugene Debs was getting very popular
b) The Russian Revolution
c) Germany was communist and they were close to winning the war
d) a network of communist spies were arrested in New York

All of the following weapons were used during WW1 EXCEPT:
a) tanks
b) jets
c) machine guns
d) long range artillary

World War 1 was fought from
a) 1910-1914
b) 1912-1916
c) 1914-1918
d) 1917-1921

Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan in 1916 stated
a) First in War, First in Our Hearts
b) The World Must Be Made Safe For Democracy
c) He kept us out of the war
d) Keep Prosperity Rolling

Germany invaded this neutral county, saying their treaty was a scap of paper
a) Belgium
b) Netherlands
c) Switzerland
d) Italy

This acronym will help you remember the causes of World War 1.

This ship was sunk by Germany, pushing the U.S. closer to war
a) Titanic
b) Grey Ghost
c) Lusitania
d) Queen Mary

All of the following were part of the 14 Points EXCEPT
a) Self-determination
b) German Reparations
c) Freedom of the Seas
d) Weapon limitations

This country was forced to accept the blame for World War 1
a) Austria-Hungary
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) France

U.S. troops saved this city from being captured by the Germans
a) London
b) Paris
c) Madrid
d) Rome

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