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The loss of habitat in a forest region has caused some plant species to become extinct, while others survive. The process by which some plant species survive and others do not in a changing environment is best explained by
a) law of segregation
b) alternation of generations
c) natural selection
d) biological magnification

Which of the following is most likely a vestigial structure?
a) the beak of a finch
b) the fossil of a snail
c) flower color
d) the human tailbone

The tortoises on the Galapagos Islands are thought to share a common ancestry, although they look very different. Which of the following statements gives the best explanation for the different shell types of these tortoises?
a) The different adaptations are the result of random, spontaneous mutations.
b) As they adapted to areas with different food sources, different shell shapes evolved.
c) The different adaptations are a result of the need to attract different mates.
d) In order to prevent competition, the tortoises evolved differently.

How are certain molecules used to determine how long it has been since two species shared a common ancestor?
a) The sequence of amino acids that make up their proteins become more similar.
b) The sequence of amino acids that make up their proteins become less similar.
c) Their levels of carbon-14 become less similar.
d) Their levels of carbon-14 become more similar.

Humans, bats, cats, and whales all have the same bones making up their forelimbs. These bones can be called:
a) analogous structures
b) vestigial structures
c) homologous structures
d) fossil structures

Humans, bats, cats, and whales all have the same bones making up their forelimbs. This is evidence that all of these organism:
a) live for a long time
b) share a common ancestor
c) evolved instantaneously
d) all grow at different rates

A population of salamanders that live in a river require clear, fresh water to survive. A flood causes tons of sediment (dirt, mud) to be suspended in the river. Initially, which of these is most likely to happen to the salamander population?
a) The salamanders will decrease in number because of the water quality.
b) The salamanders will adapt to life on land.
c) The salamanders will adapt to living in the muddy water.
d) The salamanders will move to another river.

The gopher snake uses its glottis to produce a hiss that sounds similar to a rattlesnake’s rattle. What is the most likely reason a gopher snake would do this?
a) to confuse predators
b) to attract a mate
c) to attract a prey
d) to increase adrenaline flow

The papaya mealybug is a pest that poses a threat to many tropical plants. What would happen to the papaya mealybug if none of the tropical plants reproduced?
a) The papaya mealybug species would increase in size
b) The papaya mealybug species would become extinct
c) The papaya mealybug species would mutate
d) The papaya mealybug species would continue to thrive

A group of mice becomes separated by the formation of a river. Over time, the northern mice became smaller and white, while the southern mice became larger and browner. This is an example of
a) industrial melanism
b) gigantism
c) homology
d) divergence

The most likely explanation for the fact that the Hawaiian Islands did not have any land mammals until humans arrived is that:
a) all of the mammals on these islands died out before people came.
b) the environment was unsuitable for mammals on these islands.
c) life on these islands has evolved largely independent from the rest of the world.
d) None of the statements are correct.

Any variation that can help an organism survive in its environment is called a(n)
a) adaptation
b) vestigial structure
c) competition
d) characteristic

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