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When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun it is ________________.
a) winter
b) fall
c) spring
d) summer

The layers of gases that surround the Earth make up the
a) hydrosphere
b) lithosphere
c) outer core
d) atmosphere

The earth and moon are similar in the fact that they both have a(n)....
a) lithosphere
b) hydrosphere
c) atmosphere
d) living organisms

Outer solar system consists of all of these except....
a) planets
b) the sun
c) asteroids
d) stars

The Earth's most important source of heat is the
a) sun
b) moon
c) stars
d) mantle

The path a planet takes around the sun is known as a(n)
a) gravity
b) inertia
c) orbit
d) circle

Two forces, _____________________and _______________________work together to keep the planets in their orbits.
a) rotation and revolution
b) gravity and intertia
c) light and heat
d) water and soil

It takes Earth one day to complete a ________________________.
a) Pluto
b) Rotation
c) Revolution
d) light

____________ is no longer considered a planet in our solar system.
a) Earth
b) Neptune
c) Pluto
d) Mars

Earth _________________ around the sun.
a) orbits
b) rotates
c) tilts
d) spins

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