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Prokaryotic cells do NOT have ___.
a) DNA
b) a nucleus
c) a cell membrane
d) ribosomes

When compared to a prokaryotic cell, a eukaryotic cell ___.
a) Has more types of organelles
b) has DNA that is linear rather than circular
c) stores its DNA in a nucleus rather than in the cytoplasm
d) All the answers

Which of the following best describes the characteristics of cells?
a) Prokaryotic cells are the world's smallest cells.
b) Eukaryotic cells have many membrane covered organelles, allowing different chemical processes to occur at the same time.
c) All plants, animils, fungi, and protists are made up of eukaryotic cells.
d) all of the answers

Having membrane covered organelles is a characteristics of ___ cells
a) eukaryotic
b) prokaryotic
c) bacteria
d) none of the answers

Cell that have no membrane covered organelles are ____.
a) eukaryotic
b) prokaryotic
c) human
d) none of the answers

Theodor Schwann wrote the first two parts and Rudolf Virchow wrote the third part of the ___.
a) cell theory
b) big bang theory
c) evolution
d) creation

The area of a cell's outer surface in relationship to its volume is called the ___.
a) surfact to area ratio
b) volume to area ration
c) surface to volume ratio
d) none of the answers

If a unicellular organism has a cell wall, ribosomes, and circular DNA, it is a ___
a) none of the answers
b) human
c) eukaryotic
d) prokaryotic

When Robert Hooke saw
a) organelles
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleus
d) none of the answers

Prokaryotic cells have ___.
a) no nucleus, circular DNA, in bacteria and no membrane covered organelles.
b) have a nucleus
c) have linear DNA
d) a mitochondria

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