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Which of the following is a power of the Virginia Assembly?
a) prepare the biennial budget
b) appoint officials
c) approve the biennial budget
d) administer the state bureaucracy

Which of the following is NOT a primary issue with the General Assembly?
a) the environment
b) education
c) revenue
d) national security

How often does the General Assembly approve the budget for the state of Virginia?
a) once a year
b) twice a year
c) every 3 months
d) every two years

A primary issue in the legislative process at the state level includes promoting an informed and engaged citizenry. This means the General Assembly is concerned with
a) environment
b) public health
c) education
d) revenue

Before a bill can become a law in Virginia, it must
a) be signed by the governor
b) go through the U.S. Congress
c) be approved by the voters
d) pass the judicial branch

Before a bill in the Virginia legislature can be voted on, it must first _?_.
a) go to the governor for approval
b) be approved by the other house
c) be debated by the full house
d) be rewritten by the committee

Who can introduce a bill into the Virginia legislature?
a) anyone
b) any member of Virginia's government
c) a senator or delegate
d) the governor of Virginia

After a bill is introduced into a house of the Virginia legislature, what is the next step?
a) It is sent to the appropriate committee.
b) It is debated by the full house.
c) It is sent to the governor for approval.
d) It is introduced into the other house.

What document established the form of government for the Commonwealth of Virginia?
a) United States Constitution
b) Virginia Constitution
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Virginia Declaration of Rights

Which of the following are examples of powers of the Virginia legislature?
a) make, enforce and interpret laws of Virginia
b) make laws, prepare biennial budget, levy taxes, declare war
c) make laws, conduct foreign policy, make executive appointments, print money
d) make laws, approve biennial budget, confirm executive appointments, levy taxes

How do elected officials in the Virginia Legislature respond to a problem or issue?
a) write a law or take other action
b) carry out a law that has been made
c) file a lawsuit in court
d) take it to the governor

What are the names of the two houses in the Virginia Legislature?
a) Senate and House of Burgesses
b) Senate and House of Representatives
c) House of Delegates and Senate
d) House of Representatives and House of Burgesses

The main function of the Virginia legislature is to _?_ laws.
a) execute
b) make
c) interpret
d) amend

What is the name of Virginia's legislature?
a) Congress
b) Parliament
c) General Assembly
d) House of Burgesses

Congress and the Virginia General Assembly are _?_ because they have 2 houses.
a) bicameral
b) unicameral
c) under executive control
d) described in the U.S. Constitution

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