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Vigilance is the ____________
a) Act of destruction
b) Act of keeping watch
c) Act of persuasion
d) Act of passion

A synonym for zeal is______________.
a) Passion
b) Evil
c) Chaos
d) Holiness

A synonym for bane is __________.
a) Passion
b) Obedience
c) Holiness
d) Destruction

If you are incensed you feel ___________.
a) Happy
b) Angry
c) Sad
d) Worried

Disrepute means being held in ______ ___________.
a) Low esteem
b) High esteem
c) Tense situations
d) Loving arms

If you are amenable, then you are ________ ____________.
a) Often irresponsible
b) Very sleepy
c) Easily persuaded
d) Unhappily married

Strenuous activity requires great ____________.
a) Effort
b) Love
c) Skill
d) Knowledge

A synonym for malevolent is ___________.
a) Happiness
b) Evil
c) Inescapable
d) Chaos

A synonym for compliant is __________.
a) Wickedness
b) Inescapable
c) Obedient
d) Anger

Lethargy is a noun that means a lack of ____________.
a) Energy
b) Emotion
c) Passion
d) Chaos

Petulant means __________________.
a) A lack of energy
b) Easily persuaded
c) To keep watch
d) bad-tempered

Depravity is ______________.
a) Wickedness
b) Happiness
c) Sadness
d) Anxiousness

Exaltation is _____________________.
a) Inescapable
b) The act of keeping watch
c) Extreme happiness
d) Held in low esteem

A synonym for ineluctable is ____________.
a) Inescapable
b) Obedient
c) bad-tempered
d) Holiness

To sanctify is to __________________.
a) Declare holy
b) Persuade
c) Anger
d) Require great exertion

Pandmonium is __________.
a) Passion
b) Chaos
c) Love
d) Wickedness

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