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Which of the following is NOT a plant like protists?
a) diatom
b) ciliate
c) a dinoflagellate
d) a euglena

A red tide can occur when ___ multipy rapidly.
a) red algae
b) diatoms
c) dinoflagellates
d) euglenoids

Shellfish that feed on algae in a red tide
a) concentrate poison in their body and become toxic to humans and other vertebrates who eat them.
b) None of the answers
c) Turn red.
d) Turn black.

Flagella are used by some algae to
a) carry out phtosynthesis.
b) move through water.
c) obtain oxygen.
d) capture food.

Euglenoids cannot see, but they have ___ that respond to light.
a) micronuclei
b) flagella
c) contractile vacuoles
d) eyespots

Protists that get energy from photosynthesis are ___.
a) algae
b) slime mold
c) water mold
d) amoebas

Single celled algae that provide food for most other water dwelling organisms are called ___.
a) water mold
b) slime mold
c) phytoplankton
d) amoeba

___ can be found in water, in melting snow, on tree trunks, and inside lliving organisms.
a) Red algae
b) Brown algae
c) Diatoms
d) Green algae

___ have two whip like strands called flagella.
a) Dinoflagellates
b) Water mold
c) Slime mole
d) Red algae

Plantlike protists include ___.
a) englenoids and ciliates
b) dinoflagellates and diatoms
c) lichens and flagellates
d) spore forming protists and smuts

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