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Which statement CORRECTLY describes an energy source AND its effect on the environment?
a) Nuclear energy, which uses a non-renewable resource, generates dangerous waste.
b) fossile fuel, which comes from a continuously renewable resource, generates greenhouse gases.
c) solar power, which comes from a continuously renewable resource, generates greenhouse gases.
d) hydropower, which comes from a nonrenewable resource, generates dangerous waste.

A small lake has an Alge bloom, which change is MOST LIKELY to have caused the algae growth?
a) an increase in the amount of fertilizer used near the lake.
b) an increase in teh amount of fresh water flowing into the lake.
c) an increased number of peolpe fishing in the lake.
d) an increased number of boats using the lake.

Students have observed a flock of birds near the school. Which question is a testable question for their investigation?
a) Why are the birds near the school?
b) How many birds come to a feeder with sunflower seeds?
c) Do these birds migrate south for the winter?
d) Do the birds like to eat only at one feeder?

Which process changes liquid water into a gaseous state?
a) sublimation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) precipitation

Which process changes solid water into a gaseous state?
a) evaporation
b) sublimation
c) precipitation
d) snow

A nonliving factor in an environment is called a _____________ factor.
a) biotic
b) commodity
c) abiotic
d) allele

A community of living organisms of a single major ecological region.
a) niche
b) biome
c) allele
d) climate change

The complete elimination of a species from the earth
a) community
b) fact
c) extinction
d) reproduction

Water that infiltrates the soil and is located in underground reservoirs called aquifers.
a) water table
b) tributary
c) watershed
d) ocean

The tendancy for a system to remain in a state of equilibrium by resisting change is .....
a) evolution
b) homeostasis
c) condensation
d) community

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