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The scientist who said that all cells come from cells was named ___.
a) Virchow
b) Schwann
c) Hooke
d) Schleiden

Which of the following statements is not part of the cell theory?
a) The most basic component of any organism is the cell.
b) All living things are made up of one or more cells.
c) All cells have a nucleus and a cell membrane.
d) All cells originate from other cells.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of bacteria?
a) They are prokaryotes.
b) Their DNA is one long, circular molecule.
c) They have an endoplasmic reticulum.
d) They have a cell membrane.

The first person to discover and name the tiny boxes seen under a crude compound microscope as cells was looking at a
a) slice of cork
b) piece of skin
c) leaf from a fern
d) feather

When compared to a prokaryotic cell, a eukaryotic cell ___.
a) has more types of organelles
b) had DNA that is linear rather than circular
c) stores its DNA in a nucleus rather than in the cytoplasm
d) All of the anwers

Leeuwenkoek was the first person to ___.
a) see bacteria
b) discover that yeast is a unicelular organism
c) observe that human blood cells are flatter that bird blood cells
d) all of the answers

Why is an elephant larger than a human?
a) it has larger cells than a person does
b) it has a larger surface to volume ratio of its cells than a person does
c) it has more cells than a person does
d) none of the answers

Having membrane covered organelles is a characteristic of ____ cells.
a) prokaryotic
b) eukaryotic
c) both
d) neither

The role of the cell's ___ is to release energy that can be used to power various cellular processes.
a) nucleus
b) ribosomes
c) mitochondria
d) cell wall

Cell's that have no membrane-covered organelles are ___ cells.
a) prokaryotic
b) eukaryotic
c) both
d) neither.

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