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Open Source software is:
a) An expensive brand of software.
b) Copy written software that is illegal owned
c) Non-Copy written software that is available for anyone to modify.
d) All of the Above

The Cloud is
a) A form of word processing
b) Virtual game
c) A network for accessing applications on any device
d) A kind of security software.

The Central Processing Unit or CPU is
a) The firewall in the computer that keeps your computer from being hacked
b) The brains of your computer that runs computer programs
c) The memory of your computer that lets you save important documents
d) The device used to connect computer to the Internet

Which of the following is true about tablet computers?
a) They are ultraportable
b) They do not provide internet access
c) They have larger screens than loptops
d) Both A and C

People might increase their hard drive space if
a) They want a wireless Internet connection
b) They want to store a ton of photos
c) They want to Download a lot of music
d) Both B and C

True or False, By increasing RAM, a computer's CPU can process more quickly
a) Don't Know
b) True
c) False
d) Not Sure

When buying a computer, you should:
a) Buy whatever is the highest-selling products at the moment
b) Leave it up to the salesperson to decide what you need
c) Provide a specific list of your needs to the sales person
d) All over the above

True or False You usually have to pay for a license to use Open Source software
a) Not sure
b) Don't know
c) True
d) False

On sites that use Cloud Computing, how is your information being stored?
a) Your information is saved on your home modem and can be accessed
b) Sites that use cloud computing cannot store any information
c) The site stores your information on a giant server
d) The information is saved to your hard drive and syncs with the site

Which of the following tasks requires software?
a) Creating a photo collage of your grandma
b) Writing a paper on the history of Aztec Gods.
c) Creating a webpage about your favorite Aztec sun God
d) All of the above

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