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The bouncing back of light rays
a) reflection
b) transmitting
c) refaction
d) absorbing

A circuit where the path has been interrupted
a) Open Circuit
b) Closed Circuit
c) Current
d) Contact points

A type of material that allows energy to pass through it
a) Conductor
b) Insulator
c) Vibrations
d) Open Circuit

A complete path that electricity can flow through
a) Closed Circuit
b) Open Circuit
c) Opaque
d) Insulator

A type of material that does NOT allow energy to pass through it
a) Insulator
b) Conductor
c) Transmit
d) Closed Circuit

The bending of light rays
a) Refraction
b) Reflection
c) Absorb
d) Opaque

A triangular shaped glass that separates white light into the spectrum of colors
a) Prism
b) Rainbow
c) Light
d) Reflect

A type of radiant energy that can be seen with the eyes
a) Light
b) Sound
c) Thermal
d) Electrical

To go through a medium
a) Transmit
b) Insulator
c) Absorb
d) Current

Energy created when atoms pass along electrons
a) Electrical
b) Light
c) Electromagenet
d) Vibrations

A substance that lets all light pass through
a) Transparent
b) Translucent
c) Opaque
d) Transmit

Energy created when objects are in motion
a) Mechanical
b) Light
c) Electrical
d) Sound

A substance that lets some light to pass through
a) Translucent
b) Transparent
c) Transmit
d) Opaque

Energy created from the vibrations of molecules. It is also called heat energy.
a) Thermal Energy
b) Mechanical Energy
c) Electrical Energy
d) Light Energy

A substance that does not let any light go through
a) Opaque
b) Transparent
c) Translucent
d) Transmit

The ability to do work
a) Energy
b) Mechanical
c) Current
d) Vibrations

The flow of electricity
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) absorb
d) transmit

To soak up
a) Absorb
b) Transmit
c) Conductor
d) Translucent

The back and forth motion of molecules to make sound
a) vibrations
b) mirror
c) medium
d) light

A substance made to refract light (such as glass or plastic)
a) lens
b) mirror
c) opaque
d) contact points

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