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A landform created by a glacier moving downhill
a) U-Valley
b) V-Valley
c) Steep Valley
d) Gulley

A landform created by a flowing river.
a) V-Valley
b) U-Valley
c) Steep Valley
d) Mountain Range

Landform created when wind erodes a rock leaving a hole
a) Arch
b) Hoodoo
c) Canyon
d) Delta

A rock formation with a tall, thin, vertical rock supporting a larger, flat rock. It resembles a toadstool
a) Hoodoo
b) Arch
c) Canyon
d) V-Valley

A landform with steep sides carved when a fast moving river erodes the sediment from a dry region
a) Canyon
b) V-Valley
c) U-Valley
d) Glacier

A land form created when sediments are deposited
a) Delta
b) Hoodoo
c) Arch
d) Abrasion

Pieces of rock
a) Sediment
b) Lava
c) Metamorphosis
d) Soil

Natural featueres of the landscaped formed by wind, water, and/or glaciers
a) Landforms
b) Canyon
c) Delta
d) Moraine

Dropping of sediment
a) Deposition
b) Erosion
c) Weathering
d) Agents

The surface of a dry region where the small, loose sediment has been eroded, leaving a hard packed surface
a) Desert Pavement
b) Hoodoo
c) Arch
d) Sand Dune

The scattered remains of something destroyed
a) Debris
b) Wreck
c) Hoodoo
d) Arch

The moving of sediment
a) Erosion
b) Weathering
c) Depostion
d) Transportation

Water seeps into a crack in the rock. The freezing and thawing will weaken the sides and eventually beak it. Also called Frost Action
a) Ice Wedging
b) Desert Pavement
c) Debris
d) Moraine

The breaking up of rock into sediment
a) Weathering
b) Erosion
c) Deposition
d) Arch

The large mound of sediment bulldozed to the side and in front of Glaciers
a) Moraine
b) Delta
c) U-Valley
d) Fjord

Landform created when the wind moves and deposits and into piles
a) Sand Dune
b) Abrasion
c) Arch
d) Hoodoo

A type of weathering caused by the wind. Particles of sand are carried by the wind, strike a rock, and chip away at the surface. It works like sandpaper
a) Abrasion
b) Sand Dune
c) Desert Pavement
d) Debris

A mass of ice that stays frozen throughout the year and moves downhill
a) Glacier
b) Moraine
c) Fjord
d) Ice Wedging

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