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The result of the Japanese-Russo War was
a) Japan lost its status as a world power
b) the Japanese Emperor encouraged reforms in Russia
c) groups challenged the power of the Russian Czar
d) Russia gained control of China and Japan

The main incentive in a capitalist society is
a) To make money and increase your wealth
b) To share your money with everyone
c) Giving up all rights and priveleges
d) There are no incentives

What event upset Russian peasants in 1905?
a) WWI ended
b) The Industrial Revolution
c) Bloody Sunday massacre by the Czar's troops
d) Unfair taxes

Which characteristic was common to both Russia under the Czars and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin?
a) support of artistic and literary freedom
b) encouragement of free enterprise
c) persecution of political dissenters
d) Freedom of speech

One action taken by both V.I. Lenin and Joseph Stalin was
a) attempting to bring democracy to Russia
b) jailing or murdering potential opponents
c) providing economic aid to Japan after World War I and World War II
d) None of the answers are correct

Which is an accurate statement about the Soviet economy under the leadership of Joseph Stalin?
a) a large selection of consumer goods became available
b) the Soviet Union increased its industrial output by developing heavy industry
c) private farmers were encouraged to sell their surplus produce in an open market
d) None of the answers are correct

Josef Stalin’s leadership of the Soviet Union can best be characterized as a period of
a) censorship and terror
b) humanism and democracy
c) religious freedom and tolerance
d) generousity

Which statement best describes the political situation in the Soviet Union immediately after Lenin’s death in 1924?
a) the nation adopted a constitutional monarchy
b) popular elections were held to choose a new general secretary
c) a power struggle developed among Communist Party leaders
d) None of the answers are correct

Which slogan expressed the ideals of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917?
a) Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
b) Bread, Land, and Peace
c) Land and Liberty
d) Hamburgers for everyone!

Which is generally a characteristic of a communist economy?
a) investment is encouraged by the promise of large profits
b) the role of government in the economy is restricted by law
c) government agencies are involved in production planning

The first Communist nation
a) Germany
b) China
c) United States
d) Russia

Stalin’s Five-Year Plans and his decision to form collectives are examples of
a) strategies to modernize the economy of the Soviet Union through forced communism
b) a more friendly foreign policy toward China
c) programs to westernize, educate, and enlighten the population
d) None are correct

A type of government characterized by the absence of social classes, money, and the state. Everyone is equal
a) Communism
b) Democracy
c) Capitalism
d) Totalotarian

What is the main difference between Lenin and Stalin's main goals?
a) Using the secret police to punish rivals
b) Wanting a worldwide Communist revolution
c) Lenin puts the means of production into the hands of the people, Stalin the government
d) Being Communist

Stalin's leadership type is best described as
a) Democrat
b) Totalitarian
c) Republican
d) Czar

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