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Which of the following did Pizarro not gain from the Inca
a) Their leader Atahualpa
b) Gold and Silver
c) Lasting control over the Inca Empire
d) Fear from the Incas

Europeans used enslaved Africans to
a) expand their conquering armies
b) explore unknown lands.
c) work on farms in their colonies
d) form joint-stock companies

The key idea behind the concept of mercantilism is that countries
a) did not need colonies
b) wanted to export more goods.
c) wanted to import more goods.
d) no longer needed entrepreneurs

Which of the following helped Europeans the most in conquering Native Americans?
a) diseases
b) gold
c) improved ships
d) horses

Which advancement made by the Greeks did the Europeans adopt for overseas exploration?
a) Ptolemy's maps
b) triangular sails
c) the astrolabe
d) the compass

Who first tried to help the Europeans to find a water route to Asia?
a) Vasco de Gama
b) Ferdinand of Spain
c) Hernan Cortes
d) Henry the Navigator

Europeans wanted to find a water route to Asia because
a) the Italians cut off the flow of goods from Asia
b) the Ottoman Turks made spices less expensive
c) the Mongols lost power and overland trade was disrupted
d) the lack of road repairs blocked the Silk Road.

What were the things as they possessed in abundance which Columbus mentions?
a) bows and glasses
b) beautiful articles Columbus had brought
c) fragments of bottles and jars
d) gold and cotton

Spanish soldier explorers are...
a) Conquistadors
b) warriors
c) navigators
d) men with beards

Why did Columbus prevent his soldiers from trading items of little value with Native Americans
a) to get more gold for himself
b) to encourage open and fair trading
c) to prevent any interchange between them
d) to avoid wasting their valuables on useless things.

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