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Rocks that are made from the remains of living things are:
a) organic sedimentary
b) chemical sedimentary
c) extrusive igneous
d) intrusive igneous

This type of rock forms when water evaporates, leaving behind mineral deposites
a) clastic sedimentary
b) chemical sedimentary
c) intrusive igneous
d) extrusive igneous

This is the process where sediments become sedimentary rock
a) fragmentation
b) erosion
c) rock cycle
d) lithification

During this step of lithification small pieces of rock get left behind on the bottom of water
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) compaction
d) cementation

This is not a type of texture of an igneous rock
a) glassy
b) fine grain
c) porphyritic
d) intrusive

Type of crystal grain that forms when molten rock cools slowlyc
a) coarse grain
b) fine grain
c) glassy
d) clastic

What you find when you scratch a mineral over an unglazed tile.
a) color
b) luster
c) hardness
d) streak

This is a solid that is made of one or more minerals
a) crystal
b) rock
c) mineral
d) element

This type of sedimentary rock forms when pieces of rock get compacted together
a) organic
b) chemical
c) clastic
d) extrusive

The Seven Sisters in Sussex are a series of cliffs in England that are made of chalk which is what type of rock?
a) sedimentary
b) metamorphic
c) igneous
d) foliated

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