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We are able to express ourselves in music because of the freedom of
a) censorship
b) religion
c) speech
d) press

Why did Anti-Federalist feel the Bill of Rights was necessary?
a) Because they felt something was needed to protect the rights of individuals.
b) Because they felt the national government needed more power and influence citizens.
c) Because they felt individuals should be allowed to have guns in their possession and use them as necessary.
d) Because they felt that their state's rights needed to be protected

Which amendment overturned the Dredd Scott decision?
a) 15th amendment
b) 14th amendment
c) 13th amendment
d) 9th amendment

Which amendment prohibits the quartering of soldiers in private homes during peacetime, without consent?
a) 1st amendment
b) 2nd amendment
c) 3rd amendment
d) 4th amendment

Which amendment prohibits the government from denying a citizen the right to vote based on their race, color, or previous condition of servitude?
a) 13 th amendment
b) 14th amendment
c) 15th amendment
d) 19th amendment

The 1st amendment protects the freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly, and Petition. Which one is missing?
a) Press
b) Trial
c) Veto
d) Vote

During the Road to Revolution you studied the Quartering Act. The 3rd Amendment was created to prevent a govenment from doing this. What is it?
a) Freedom of the press.
b) Placing soldiers in citizens homes
c) Freedom of religion.
d) Cruel and unusual punishment.

If a police officer sees you walking down the street and decides to stop you and look in your backpack for no reason he is breaking the 4th Amendment. The amendment is called?
a) Quartering Act
b) Due Process
c) Speedy Trial
d) Seach and Seizure

Mrs. Finley was recently arrested and put on trail for Jay Walking. Mrs. Finley pleaded the 5th amendment throughtout the trial because it protects the...?
a) rights of the accused, due process.
b) rights of the guilty, due process.
c) people from cruel and unusual punishment.
d) people by needing a warrant.

Mr. Gonzalez was recently arrested for screaming too loud in a library. At the arraignment the judge set bail at $1 Billion. Why would she argue that this breaks the 8th amendment?
a) A warrant is needed
b) There must be a trial by jury
c) There was no speedy trial
d) This is excessive Bail and Punishment

The 13th Amendment ended involuntary servitude. What does this mean?
a) gave citizenship
b) ended slavery
c) women could vote
d) former slaves could vote

The author of the US Bill of rights was
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) James Madison
c) John Locke
d) George Washington

This freedom allows the newspapers and television broadcast to criticize the government.
a) Freedom to petition.
b) Freedom of the press.
c) Freedom to slander.
d) Freedom and liberty to all.

This amendment gave women the right to vote
a) 19th amendment
b) 14th amendment
c) 5th amendment
d) 7th amendment

This process was first established in the Magna Carta
a) trial by jury
b) due process of laws
c) freedom of religion
d) seperation of church and state

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