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The Constitution had to be accepted, or _________ by at least 9 states.
a) ratified
b) vetoed
c) proclamated
d) compromised

_________ was our first government after the Revolutionary War. It didn't have the power to tax or enforce the laws. There was no army or court system under this government.
a) Proclamation of 1765
b) Articles of Confederation
c) Constitutional Convention
d) Great Compromise

_________ said that the colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Britain recognized the Indian's right to settle that land.
a) Common Sense
b) Quartering Act
c) Proclamation of 1763
d) Bill of Rights

The ____________ is responsible for making laws.
a) Legislative Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Preamble

The ____________ is responsible for interpreting the laws.
a) Legislative Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Intolerable Branch

The ____________ is responsible for enforcing the laws.
a) Legislative Branch
b) Judicial Branch
c) Executive Branch
d) Rights Branch

___________________ required colonists to allow British soldiers to live in their homes to save money for the British government and to control colonists.
a) Bill of Rights
b) New Jersey Plan
c) Constitution
d) Quartering Act

_____________ were in support of the new Constitution.
a) Anti-Federalists
b) Federalists
c) Indians
d) Hessians

____________ had to be convinced that a strong central government would not take away the peoples' rights.
a) Anti-Federalists
b) Federalists
c) Hessians
d) Indians

In December 1791, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution were added and these were known as the ________________
a) Quartering Act
b) Great Compromise
c) Preamble
d) Bill of Rights

___________________ gave each state one vote by representaion.
a) Common Sense
b) Virginia Plan
c) New Jersey Plan
d) Declaration of Independence

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