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Energy from the sun comes from fusion. What happens during that reaction?
a) Hydrogen turns into helium.
b) Helium turns into hydrogen.
c) Oxygen turns into carbon dioxide.
d) Carbon dioxide turns into oxygen.

Which star is closest to earth?
a) Polaris
b) the sun
c) the Milky Way
d) Sirius

What is the innermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere called?
a) troposphere
b) corona
c) photosphere
d) chromosphere

Using special equipment, which layer of the sun’s atmosphere is visible during a total solar eclipse?
a) photosphere
b) core
c) corona
d) convective zone

When the moon is waning, what do we see?
a) more and more of the moon
b) less and less of the moon
c) none of the moon is visible
d) a full moon

What is a spring tide?
a) tides that occur when the distance between high and low tides is greatest
b) tides that occur when the distance between high and low tides is least
c) tides that occur during the spring months
d) tides caused by the seasons, not gravity

At certain times during each month, the moon is entirely invisible from earth, even on a clear night. Which phase of the moon is this?
a) new moon
b) first quarter moon
c) full moon
d) third quarter moon

Planets form from which of the following?
a) protoplanets
b) asteroids
c) comets
d) planetesimals

The nebular hypothesis explains the formation of which of the following?
a) nebulae
b) the big bang
c) the solar system
d) the galaxy

Where are most of the asteroids in the solar system found?
a) between Earth and Mars
b) between Mars and Jupiter
c) between Neptune and Pluto
d) past Pluto

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