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Which of the following file patterns have the smoothest finish?
a) Arced
b) Double
c) Single

Which of the following file patterns has the roughest finish?
a) Double
b) Arced
c) Single

Which of the following is not an advantage of hex keys?
a) Any size key will work on any fastener of the same size or smaller
b) Keys five you the choice between extra torque or reach
c) They are inexpensive to produce
d) Only one sized wrench will fit a fastener, reducing the likelihood of damaging the fastener.

What task below would be inappropriate for a pipe wrench?
a) Turning a rusted hex nut
b) Turning a rounded hex nut
c) Removing a pipe cap
d) Turing a pipe

When sawing a notch in a PVC pipe the blade should be ____ rigid than when sawing a steel rod?
a) Less
b) More

Which of the following does not provide adequate eye protection for general shop tasks?
a) Sunglasses
b) Face Shield
c) Safety glasses
d) Safety goggles

What aspect of their design makes a torx driver more efficient than a flat blade or Phillips head screwdriver?
a) Shape
b) Cost
c) Length
d) Size

When is it not acceptable to wear long sleeves in the shop?
a) While operating a lathe
b) While cleaning a chemical spill
c) While welding
d) When they are rolled up at the elbow

Choose the proper tool used to insert small cylinders into tight spaces.
a) Pin punch
b) Prick punch
c) Scribe
d) Center punch

Which tool would be used to create a indentation for proper drill allignment?
a) Center punch
b) Pin punch
c) prick punch
d) Scribe

Which is the proper tool to mark sheet metal for cutting?
a) Scribe
b) Center punch
c) Prick punch
d) Pin punch

What hammer would you choose to strike a chisel?
a) Ball-peen
b) Claw
c) Deadblow
d) Soft-faced

Which tool would you use to create a small indentation for enlarging at a later time?
a) Prick punch
b) Scribe
c) Center punch
d) pin punch

The markings next to each cutting slot on a wire stripper represent the corresponding wire __________
a) gauge
b) color
c) thickness in microns
d) length

What fastener type can be adjusted using a nut driver?
a) Hex capped fasteners
b) Nails
c) Bolts
d) Screws

What class of extinguisher is used on a liquids fire?
a) Class B
b) Class A
c) Class C
d) Class D

What class extinguisher is used on fires involving organic materials?
a) Class A
b) Class B
c) Class C
d) Class D

What Class extinguisher is used for electrical fires?
a) Class C
b) Class A
c) Class B
d) Class D

A Class A fire extinguisher is used on this type fire.
a) Liquids
b) Electrical
c) Organic Materials
d) Metals

When referring to a file, what does coarseness indicate?
a) Distance between cutting teeth
b) Distance between the tip and the last cutting groove
c) Distance between the base of a groove and the cutting point
d) Distance between tip and handle

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