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The free enterprise system helped 19th century American businesses to:
a) form corporations
b) help workers get rich
c) be regulated more by the government
d) receive money from the government

When the supply of electronic products decreases, consumers:
a) pay lower prices for electronics
b) pay higher prices for electronics
c) pay the same price as always
d) buy lesser quality electronics.

The woman who founded Hull House in Chicago to help homeless people and immigrants was:
a) Susan B. Anthony
b) Mrs. Thomas Edison
c) Eleanor Roosevelt
d) Jane Addams

Which of the following ways to make a living was NOT a common one for immigrants to America during the 1800-1900s:
a) President of a large corporation
b) open and operate a small business
c) work in a factory
d) sell newspapers

When the population of the U.S. grew rapidly in the early 1900s, the increased population caused:
a) people to eat more
b) people to eat less
c) farms to produce less food
d) farms to produce more food

Mass production of cars and other products came about because of the following innovation:
a) the light bulb
b) the airplane
c) the steam engine
d) the assembly line

Immigrants came to the U.S. in the 19th century because of the many job opportunities. There was also a non-job opportunity - free:
a) Food
b) Childcare
c) Elementary education
d) Housing

The U.S. holiday that celebrates workers is:
a) Workers Day
b) Labor Day
c) Memorial Day
d) Independence Day

The Mount Rushmore monument in South Dakota is significant because:
a) It shows appreciation of the service by all U.S. Presidents
b) It shows the first four U.S. Presidents
c) It shows the U.S. Presidents who are considered to be America's best leaders
d) It shows where the President lives

The Wright Brothers contribution to U.S. society was in the field of:
a) Urbanization
b) Electricity
c) Mechanization
d) Aviation

Americans found it easier to communicate long distance because of the invention of the:
a) Telegraph and telephone
b) Light bulb and light switch
c) Steam Engine and locomotive
d) Street cars and trucks

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