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Lists the address of the active cell:
a) Name Box
b) Title Bar
c) Formula Bar
d) Cell Box

If A1 = 7, B2 = 5, I want to multiply these two cells and show output in B6. Which formula should I use?
a) Write in cell B6, = A1*B2
b) Write in cell B6, = Multiply A1:B2
c) Write in cell B6, Multiply A1 to B2
d) Write in cell B6, =7*5

What is the name given to the bar that allows you to enter values and perform calculations in a spreadsheet?
a) formula bar
b) column heading
c) active cell
d) tool bar

Which direction do columns run in a spreadsheet?
a) vertically
b) horizontally
c) diagonal
d) counter-clockwise

How are rows designated?
a) numbers
b) letters
c) circles
d) stars

What is the name given to the intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet?
a) cell
b) row
c) column
d) menu bar

What is the name of the area within a worksheet that is current, or ready to receive information?
a) Active cell
b) Fieldname
c) Heading
d) Title Bar

In a spreadsheet formula, which symbol is used to multiply?
a) *
b) x
c) +
d) @

Which of these would add up the numbers from A1 to A60
a) =SUM(A1:A60)
b) =(A1:A60)
c) +(A1:A60)
d) =ADD(A1+A60)

In a spreadsheet formula, which symbol is used to divide?
a) /
b) *
c) +
d) -

A formula in the spreadsheet should always start with
a) An equal sign
b) An asterisk
c) A plus sign
d) A bracket

In a database, you can sort records based on the different column headings which are called
a) Fieldnames
b) Records
c) Cells
d) Rows

After setting up records in a database, which of the following functions can be performed?
a) Create a form
b) Create a graph
c) Create a web page
d) Create a presentation

In a database, information entered for each entry is called a ________.
a) record
b) field
c) query
d) table

What do schools use to keep track of students' academic records?
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet
c) Web page
d) Word processor

To create a personal budget, which is the most appropriate application to be use?
a) Spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel)
b) Presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint)
c) Database software (e.g. Access)
d) Desktop Publishing Software

Which of the following is a file extension for a spreadsheet file?
a) .xls or .xlsx
b) .doc or .docx
c) .dbf or .dbfx
d) .jpg or .bmp

Which spreadsheet feature would you use to identify the different sections of a pie chart?
a) Legend
b) Axis
c) Chart Title
d) Series

What is the most effective type of application to enter data, build a graph,and/or create a chart?
a) Spreadsheet
b) Database
c) E-mail
d) Desktop Publishing

Which type of program should be used for sharing data over a long period of time with multiple users?
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet

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