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Who was the last pharoah of Egypt?
a) Cleopatra VII
b) Ramses II
c) Tutankhamen
d) Nefertiti

Who is the main god according to Egyptians?
a) Scooter
b) Horus
c) Amber Renee
d) Amun-Ra

What are canopic jars used for?
a) sacrifices to the gods
b) hold the internal organs of the mummy
c) store food
d) collect water

What is a ka?
a) invisible twin that reunites with the body after death
b) your twin on earth while you are alive
c) a type of egyptian food
d) a type of incense

What type of climate does Egypt have?
a) hot and dry
b) cold and wet
c) tropical
d) balmy

What is a mummy?
a) your mother
b) a ghost
c) a dead body that has been preserved
d) a type of bird

Were Pharaohs also seen as gods?
a) yes
b) no

Which of the following was NOT a pharoah of Egypt?
a) Ramses
b) Cleopatra
c) Mussolini
d) Tutankhamun

Why were the pyramids orginally built?
a) tourist attractions
b) provide shelter in a storm
c) serve as tombs
d) guard against the enemy

a) dfgdrg

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