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Warm air rising over land and cool air moving in from the sea would be called a _____________.
a) Thunderstorm
b) Hurricane
c) Sea Breeze
d) Land Breeze

Which of the following is not considered precipitation?
a) Snow
b) Hail
c) Sleet
d) Glacier

Which phase of the water cycle would be represented by a cloud forming?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Precipitation
d) Transpiration

A type of cloud that extends from the lower part of the troposphere and reaches extremely high altitudes and is associated with thunderstorms is called a _____________ cloud.
a) Stratus
b) Cumulus
c) Nimbostratus
d) Cumulonimbus

Hurricane Sandy is 1600km from the Georgia shore, and it is traveling at a speed of 40km/h. How long will it be before she reaches Savannah?
a) 4 hours
b) 16 hours
c) 1 day and 16 hours
d) 2 days

A swift turning column of air at speeds 300+ MPH is called a ______________.
a) Hurricane
b) Cyclone
c) Typhoon
d) Tornado

The winds cannont blow in a straight line from the poles to the equator. They follow a curved path because of Earth's rotation on it's axis. The curved path is explained by the __________.
a) Coreolis Effect
b) Greenhouse Effect
c) Theory of Plate Tectonics
d) Theory of Thermodynamics

_______________ are winds that blow in constant and predictable directions.
a) Tornadoes
b) Hurricanes
c) Global Winds
d) The Gulf Streams

Tropical storms, cyclones, hurricanes, and dpressions are born over ___________.
a) the cool waters near the poles.
b) the South American continent.
c) the warm waters near the equator.
d) the African continent.

The porperties of warm air are
a) low pressure and low density
b) low pressure and high density
c) high pressure and high density
d) high pressure and low density

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