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Use Table: Which country’s immigration rate rose the most dramatically between 1900 and 1910?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Ireland
d) Italy

Using table: From which country did the most immigrants enter the United States in 1880?
a) China
b) Japan
c) Ireland
d) Italy

Use Table: Between which two years did Chinese immigration drop most sharply?
a) 1882 and 1883
b) 1881 and 1882
c) 1899 and 1900
d) 1886 and 1887

What overall trend do these maps show?
a) decline in the population of rural areas
b) growth in population, concentrated in cities
c) decline in immigration, especially from Asia
d) movement of people from urban to rural areas

Using Map: In 1890, which region was least densely populated?
a) Northeast
b) West
c) South
d) Midwest

Using Map: By 1890, how many people had settled in Miami?
a) fewer than 100,000
b) 100,000–200,000
c) 200,000–500,000

Using Map: In 1870, which region of the United States was most densely populated?
a) Southwest
b) Southeast
c) Northwest
d) Northeast

Using Map: Which city located on the East Coast had the most people living in or near it in 1870?
a) New York
b) Miami
c) Charleston
d) New Orleans

The Pendleton Civil Service Act required
a) applicants for government jobs to pass examinations.
b) native-born Americans to treat immigrants with courtesy.
c) government workers to renounce all party loyalties.
d) cities to provide services such as clean water to their residents.

The Stalwarts were strong supporters of
a) low tariffs
b) high tariffs
c) the spoils system
d) civil service reform

An example of patronage would be
a) bribing a government official.
b) assassinating a public official.
c) saying one thing and doing another
d) appointing a friend to a political position.

Tammany Hall was the name of
a) a famous settlement house.
b) a New York Customs House.
c) a New York City political machine
d) the federal courthouse in New York City

The illegal use of political influence for personal gain is called
a) nativism
b) civil service
c) gentlemen's agreement
d) graft

Settlement houses were founded in the late 1800s by
a) new immigrants
b) social reformers
c) political machines
d) industrial workers

The row house was a new type of housing that conserved space by
a) rising ten or more stories high.
b) combining air vents with trash disposal areas.
c) sharing side walls with other buildings.
d) enclosing a park shared by several buildings.

The main goal of the Americanization movement was to
a) limit the number of immigrants entering the country.
b) assimilate people of various cultures into the dominant culture.
c) improve the living conditions in America’s largest cities.
d) encourage people to move from the country to the city.

The main immigration processing station in San Francisco was called
a) Ellis Island
b) Tammany Hall
c) Angel Island
d) Hull House

The main goal of the Chinese Exclusion Act was to
a) decrease Chinese immigration.
b) create segregated classrooms
c) settle a disagreement between China and the United States
d) stop Chinese Americans from attending school in the United States.

Use Table: In which year did the Japanese immigration rate first rise higher than the Chinese immigration rate?
a) 1885
b) 1891
c) 1895
d) 1899

Use Table: Which two countries sent about the same number of immigrants to the United States in 1890?
a) China and Japan
b) Japan and Ireland
c) Ireland and Italy
d) China and Italy

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