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This brings precipitation because cyclone motion of the air cools the water vapor forming clouds.
a) Low pressure system
b) High pressure system
c) Cold front
d) Warm front

Hurricanes in the North Atlantic are the same as what storm below
a) Twister in Oklahoma
b) Tornado in Kansas
c) Typhoon in Philippines
d) Sand storm in Egypt

Which layer protects us from the Sun's radiation?
a) Thermosphere
b) Ozonosphere
c) Magnetosphere
d) Troposphere

This is why snow may exist at the equator
a) It was left over from Pagaea
b) The temperature drops in the winter.
c) The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt pulled a snow storm south.
d) High altitudes on mountaintops have a low temperature

Which tool measures air pressure?
a) Barometer
b) Anemometer
c) Hygrometer
d) Thermometer

Which tool measures wind speed?
a) Barometer
b) Wind vane
c) Anemometer
d) Psychrometer

Measures the amount of precipitation
a) psychrometer
b) hygrometer
c) thermometer
d) rain gauge

Why is Ocean City, MD more likely to have cooler temperatures than Baltimore City, MD?
a) Air pollution insulates Ocean City so the heat can't get in.
b) Ocean City is closer to a large body of water.
c) Baltimore City has a higher population.
d) Baltimore City is closer to the mountains.

Which of these is the same as a hurricane, but in the Indian Ocean?
a) Cyclone
b) Typhoon
c) Monsoon
d) Tropical Depression

The reason that more tornados form in the Mid-West United States than anywhere else in the world?
a) The Rocky Mountains and Smoky/Appalachian Mountains keep them there.
b) The cold, dry air from Canada mixed with the warm, moist Gulf air mix together causing the 'Perfect Storm'
c) There is more open space for them to form.
d) They are powered by the cool waters of the Great Lakes and the warm waters of the Southern Mississippi

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