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Japan lacked many basic resources, yet it industrialized rapidly after 1868 because
a) Japanese political leaders placed a high priority on modernization.
b) Japanese business leaders had a great deal of wealth to invest.
c) Japanese engineers developed superior technology.
d) Many British engineers came to Japan and set up industries there.

Invented the radio
a) Guglielmo Marconi
b) Claude Monet
c) Mr. Richards
d) Alfred Nobel

A production method in which workers repeatedly perform one task in the manufacturing process is called
a) Assembly line
b) Interchangeable parts
c) Bessemer process
d) Cottage industry

Today's electric generators work on the same principle as the dynamo invented by
a) Michael Faraday
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Thomas Edison
d) Guglielmo Marconi

The popular saying A man's home is his castle reflected what middle class value of the late 1800's
a) Cult of domesticity
b) Temperance
c) Women's suffrage
d) Romanticism

Established a link between microbes and disease
a) Louis Pasteur
b) Ludwig van Beethoven
c) Alfred Nobel
d) Guglielmo Marconi

What theory applied the idea of natural selection to the development of business and society
a) Social Darwinism
b) Religion
c) Social Gospel
d) The past

Rebuilding poor areas of a city
a) Urban renewal
b) Temperance movement
c) Stock
d) Standard of Living

The purpose of Normal Schools was to train students to be
a) Teachers
b) Doctors
c) Priets
d) Good wives

Population of Europe exploded between 1800 and 1900 in large part because
a) Medical advances reduced the death rate
b) Couples had more children
c) Cities eliminated slums
d) Couples started families at a younger age

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