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John Glenn was the first American to ________ in a ________.
a) fly to space, helicopter
b) live in space, space probe
c) orbit the Moon, satellite
d) orbit the Earth, spacecraft

Which of the following is true statement about space probes?
a) They are unmanned and can travel to other planets.
b) NASA does not use them anymore.
c) Their purpose is to carry animals into space to see if the animals can survive in other galaxies.
d) They can carry more than one person.

What is one major difference between Skylab and the International Space Station?
a) They are both space stations.
b) Skylab was a space shuttle, while the ISS is a place to live.
c) One was built by the US; the other was built by Russia.
d) Skylab was built by the US; the ISS was built by many countries working together.

Which of the following is a problem experienced by astronauts staying for long periods of time aboard the International Space Station?
a) weight loss due to diet
b) muscle loss due to lack of exercise
c) pale skin due to lack of exposure to sunlight
d) hair loss due to high temperatures

The space race was between which two countries?
a) United States and Russia
b) The Soviet Union and the United States
c) France and Germany
d) Russia and Germany

The space suit protects the astronauts from
a) extreme changes in temperature
b) solar radiation
c) lack of oxygen
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements are correct?
a) Project Gemini sent the first man to space.
b) Project Mercury sent the first man on the moon.
c) Alan Shepard was the first man to walk on the moon.
d) Neil Armstrong was a part of Project Apollo.

During which US space program did the first spacewalk occur?
a) Project Mercury
b) Project Gemini
c) Project Apollo
d) Space Shuttle

What is one major difference between the space shuttle and earlier spacecraft?
a) The space shuttle can transport more than one astronaut.
b) The space shuttle can be used for more than one flight.
c) The space shuttle is solar powered.
d) The space shuttle can fly to other planets.

Put the following in order from earliest to most recent:
a) Space Shuttle, Apollo, Gemini, Mercury
b) Apollo, Gemini, Space Shuttle, Mercury
c) Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle
d) Mercury, Gemini, Space Shuttle, Apollo

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