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The high temperature of Venus's surface is due to
a) the dense atmosphere
b) the high winds
c) liquid water on its surface
d) its rings

What characteristic do all of the inner planets have in common that the outer planets don't exhibit?
a) They have the same period of revolution.
b) They are the same size.
c) They orbit elliptically.
d) They are smaller and have rocky surfaces.

Why is Venus called Earth's twin?
a) Because of its similar atmosphere.
b) Because of its similar temperature.
c) Because of its similar size.
d) Because life also existed there at one time.

It is difficult for astronomers to study Mercury because
a) its atmosphere is so thick
b) it is made of mostly gas
c) it is so close to the sun
d) it is so large compared to the other planets

Which of the following are in our solar system?
a) Sun, planets
b) Sun, planets, other stars
c) Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets
d) Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, galaxies

When our solar system was forming, what force caused the particles to clump together?
a) nuclear fusion
b) gravity
c) explosions
d) inertia

The Great Red Spot is
a) a storm on Saturn
b) a volcano on Mars
c) a meteor that fell to Earth
d) a storm on Jupiter

Which of the following is true about Mars?
a) Mars is hot.
b) Mars is blue from its iron-rich soil.
c) Mars has ice on its south pole.
d) Mars is an outer planet.

What did Galileo observe in his telescope?
a) the elliptical orbits of the planets
b) the Sun orbiting the Earth
c) the four largest moons of Jupiter
d) Mars rotating backwards

What is the difference between asteroids and comets?
a) Comets are made of frozen ice and dust, while asteroids are made of rock and sometimes metal.
b) Comets are found outside the solar system, while asteroids are found between the inner and outer planets.
c) Comets orbit the sun, while asteroids orbit Earth.
d) There is no difference between the two.

Which of the following best describes a meteor?
a) A meteor is a falling star.
b) A meteor is a moon of Jupiter that has fallen out of orbit.
c) A meteor is a piece of broken rock that falls through Earth's atmosphere.
d) A meteor is a chunk of the Moon that astronauts have brought back to Earth.

Gravity on the Moon is less than on Earth because
a) of the lower temperatures
b) there is no oxygen on the Moon
c) there is no water on the Moon
d) the Moon has less mass

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