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A basic principle of our political system is the “rule of law”. This means that −
a) laws can never be changed.
b) citizens choose which laws they obey.
c) laws are applied equally to all.
d) only laws written by the federal government can be followed.

Limited Government, Rule of Law, Consent of the Governed, Democracy... Which fundamental political principal is missing?
a) Representative government
b) Checks and balances
c) Separation of powers
d) Executive powers

In this system of government, the people rule.
a) Representative government
b) Limited government
c) Rule of law
d) Democracy

In this system of government, citizens vote to elect officials to represent them.
a) Representative government
b) Rule of law
c) Consent of the governed
d) Limited government

Senator Joe Smith was fined for speeding. Which fundamental political principle applies in this situation?
a) Consent of the governed
b) Rule of law
c) Representative government
d) Limited government

a) Declaration of Independence.
b) Bill of Rights.
c) Virginia Declaration of Rights.
d) United States Constitution.

Purposes of U.S. Government: Promote the general welfare, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, form a more perfect union, establish justice, and -
a) Form a direct democracy
b) Preserve the blessings of liberty
c) Encourage international security
d) Maintain financial stability

The Preamble to the Constitution can best be described as –
a) a supporting document.
b) the closing statement to the Constitution.
c) an introduction to the Constitution.
d) the body of the Constitution.

The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States describes the –
a) separation of church and state.
b) goals and purposes of the government.
c) responsibilities of the founding fathers.
d) fundamental principles for making laws.

All are goals of the Constitution of the United States except –
a) provide for the common defense.
b) ensure domestic tranquility.
c) guarantee equal taxation.
d) promote the general welfare.

What important document defines the amendment process to the U.S. Constitution?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Charters of the Virginia Company of London
c) Constitution of the United States of America
d) The Virginia Declaration of Rights

Congress may propose a constitutional amendment. Who then must ratify it?
a) States
b) Regions
c) President
d) Constituents

How can the Constitution of VIRGINIA be amended?
a) Action by CONGRESS and ratification by the STATES
b) Action by the SUPREME COURT and ratification by the COURTS
c) Action by the GENERAL ASSEMBLY and ratification by the VOTERS of VIRGINIA
d) Action by the GOVERNOR and ratification by the CABINET

If the amendment process had not been established, what would have been the impact on the Constitution of the United States?
a) The document would not have been written.
b) The document could not have separate sections.
c) The document would not be useful.
d) The document could not be changed.

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