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What do gymnosperms and angiosperms have in common?
a) They produce flowers.
b) They produce seeds.
c) They rely on water for reproduction.
d) They are gametophyte dominant.

In gymnosperms the microspores develop into
a) eggs
b) sporophytes
c) pollen grains
d) seed cones

The gametophyte generation in conifers is contained in
a) sporangia
b) sori
c) cones
d) flowers

Which generation is dominant in gymnosperms?
a) gametophyte
b) sporophyte
c) neither gametophyte or sporophyte
d) both are equally dominant

What term is used to describe a plant that has male and female gametophytes on separate plants?
a) monoecious
b) monocot
c) dioecious
d) dicot

Angiosperms are divided into which two classes?
a) cycads and gnetophytes
b) cycads and monocots
c) monocots and eudicots
d) eudicots and bryophytes

A cotyledon is
a) the female portion of a flower.
b) the male portion of a flower.
c) a type of vascular tissue.
d) a seed leaf.

How many seeds leaves does a eudicot have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The female part of a flower is called the
a) sepal
b) stamen
c) carpal
d) anther

The male part of a flower that produces pollen is the
a) sepal
b) stamen
c) carpal
d) anther

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