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All of the following are evolutionary events that occurred in plants EXCEPT
a) the development of vascular tissue
b) the development of seeds
c) the acquisition of chloroplasts
d) the development of flowers.

Mosses are
a) nonvascular seedless plants
b) seedless vascular plants
c) nonvascular seed plants
d) vascular seed plants

Which generation is dominant in mosses?
a) gametophyte
b) sporophyte
c) neither gametophyte or sporophtye
d) both gametophyte and sporophyte are equally dominant

Spores are produced by
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) conjugation
d) transformation

The first stage of gametophyte generation in mosses is the
a) prothallus
b) proboscis
c) protonema
d) progenetor

The female gametophyte of mosses and ferns is called the
a) antheridium
b) archegonium
c) alteridium
d) archieridium

What do mosses and ferns require for reproduction?
a) earth
b) wind
c) fire
d) water

Ferns differ from mosses in that they contain/produce
a) spores
b) antheridia
c) gametophytes
d) vascular tissue

The spore of a fern germinates into a
a) prothallus
b) proboscis
c) protonema
d) progenetor

The sporangia of ferns are contained in the
a) prothallus
b) sori
c) antheridia
d) archegonia

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