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According to the Principle of Common Descent
a) all life on Earth descended from a common ancestor.
b) articifical selection has created all life on Earth.
c) the Earth is very young.
d) evolution is not occurring today.

Which of the following is an example of an analogous structure for a human arm.
a) elephant trunk
b) bird wing
c) bee ing
d) chimpanzee arm

Which land dwelling mammal is believed to be most closely related to modern day whales?
a) hippo
b) porpoise
c) camel
d) deer

True or False: Every scientific test to date has proven Darwin's theory of evolution correct.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following would produce evolutionary change fastest?
a) Artificial Selection
b) Natural Selection

Artificial selection
a) all are true of artificial selection
b) is also known as selective breeding.
c) is controlled by humans.
d) has been used to create different breeds of dogs and horses.

If 2 different organisms had very few differences in their DNA, what claim could be made?
a) They are closely related.
b) They are distantly related.
c) There was an error in the DNA.
d) They are not related.

The age of the Earth.
a) 4.6 billion years
b) 1 billion years
c) 500 million years
d) 30,000 years

A red lizard on green grass would have
a) low fitness.
b) high fitness.
c) average fitness.

Provided Darwin the time needed for evolution to occur.
a) Hutton/Lyell
b) Malthus
c) Lamarck

Which of the following is not a continent Darwin visited on his voyage on the Beagle?
a) North America
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) South America

An example of Darwin's pattern of biodiversity of species varying locally.
a) Tortoises having different length necks and different shaped necks on each Galapagos Island.
b) Different types of flightless birds being found on various continents separated geographically.
c) The modern day armadillo resembling the extinct glyptodont.
d) Flu viruses changing constantly.

How well an organism can survive and reproduce in its environment.
a) Fitness
b) Adaptation
c) Mutation
d) Natural Selection

True or False: A scientific theory is not accepted as fact.
a) False
b) True

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