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When bones come out of joint this is known as a -
a) fracture
b) dislocation
c) sprain
d) disjointion

When ligaments stretch too far and tear this is called a -
a) a sprain
b) a fracture
c) a tendon rupture
d) none of these

What is a fracture?
a) a type of joint
b) a break in a ligament
c) a break in a bone
d) a sprain

A condition where bones become breakable
a) cancer
b) hepatitis
c) influenza
d) osteoporosis

Holds joints together-
a) cartilage
b) ligaments
c) tendons
d) movable joints

Allow the body to have a wide range of movements
a) cartilage
b) movable joints
c) immovable joints
d) all joints

A place where bones meet
a) joints
b) crack
c) socket
d) cartilage

Connective tissue that is flexible which cushions your joints-
a) marrow
b) spongy bone
c) ligaments
d) cartilage

Stores fat-
a) yellow marrow
b) red marrow
c) spongy bone
d) canals

Produces your red blood cells-
a) yellow marrow
b) red marrow
c) spongy bone
d) all marrow

The spaces in bone contain-
a) marrow
b) compact bone
c) spongy bone
d) blood

Underneath compact bone lies -
a) spongy bone
b) compact bone
c) skeletal system
d) tendons

Underneath the membrane of bone lies -
a) spongy bone
b) compact bone
c) skeletal system
d) tendons

How much of your body weight is bone?
a) 30 percent
b) 20 percent
c) 50 percent
d) 70 percent

Your bones store -
a) iron and coal
b) zinc and magnesium
c) calcium and phosphorus
d) gold and silver

Vertebrae are -
a) large bones that make up your hands and feet
b) 26 small bones that make up you back
c) 100 small bones that make up your back
d) 1 long bone that makes up your back

Which of these is NOT a function of the skeletal system?
a) secretes hormones
b) makes red blood cella
c) enables you to move
d) shape and support

A form of energy that travels in rays used to see bones
a) chemotherapy
b) sunlight
c) x-rays
d) all of these

A way to take pictures of soft tissue is using a MRI machine MRI stands for -
a) magic resonance imaging
b) mighty reassuring imaging
c) must really imagine
d) magnetic resonance imaging

Muscles that are under conscious control are known as -
a) voluntary
b) involuntary
c) heart muscle
d) red muscle

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