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Which part of a lobster helps with swimming and reproduction?
a) Antennae
b) Walking legs
c) Chelipeds
d) Swimmerets

Which of the following are the most commonly known myriapods?
a) Butterflies and bees
b) Spiders and ticks
c) Centipedes and millipedes
d) Crabs and lobsters

In social insects certain groups of individuals will perform certain tasks. These roles in the society are known as...
a) Insect metamorphosis
b) Social organization
c) Castes
d) Pheromones

How many distinct body sections do crustaceans have?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Spiracles, book lungs and trachaea help arthropods:
a) Move
b) Hear
c) Eat
d) Breathe

An animal that has 8 legs, fang-like appendages and the ability to produce silk is a(n):
a) Insect
b) Trilobite
c) Arachnid
d) Crustacean

Trilobites are a group of arthropods that are:
a) Terrestrial
b) Winged
c) Marine
d) Extinct

The part of a crab or lobster that covers and protects the gills are called the...
a) Thorax
b) Abdomen
c) Swimmerets
d) Carapace

Adaptations that conserve water have allowed some arthropods to
a) Attract mates
b) Live on land
c) Develop flight
d) Molt safely

A caterpillar belong to the:
a) Sub-phylum Crustacea
b) Class Insecta
c) Sub-phylum Chelicerata
d) Sub-phylum Myriapoda

In an arthropod's open circulatory system, blood is pushed...
a) Out into the body cavity
b) Through the heart and into a tube
c) Into a series of veins and arteries
d) Only through the animal's head

Which group of arthropods traps and kills its prey with silk and venom?
a) Decapods
b) Crustaceans
c) Arachnids
d) Insects

Which of the following is a chelicerate? A. Butterfly, B. Spider, C. Millipede, D. Trilobite
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

Crustaceans have mouths composed of a pair of
a) Mandibles
b) Antennae
c) Chelipeds
d) Spiracles

During the process of incomplete metamorphosis, a young insect looks like a
a) Small chrysalis
b) Dormant pupa
c) Wormlike larva
d) Miniature adult

The head and trunk of crustaceans from their
a) Cephalothorax
b) Carapace
c) Cheliped
d) Mandible

A grasshopper belong to the insect order:
a) Isoptera
b) Diptera
c) Orthoptera
d) Hymenoptera

Barnacles, Isopods and Tongue worms are all examples of:
a) Crustaceans
b) Chelicerates
c) Arachnids
d) Myriapods

The entire surface of an arthropod's body is covered by a protective:
a) Coating
b) Carapace
c) Appendage
d) Exoskeleton

Insect wings are extensions of the :
a) Exoskeleton
b) Thorax
c) Mandibles
d) Abdomen

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