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Which of the following does not appear in the upper left hand corner of the first page?
a) Your Name
b) Your Instructors Name
c) The Coures Name
d) The name of your University

The title of your paper should be
a) Bolded
b) Centered
c) Italicized
d) Underlined

Which key should you use to indent?
a) Enter
b) Shift
c) Space Bar
d) Tab

The header should appear in the ________ __________ corner of your paper.
a) Bottom Left
b) Top Left
c) Bottom Right
d) Top Right

Which of the following academic fields does not use MLA style?
a) The Arts
b) The Humanities
c) Literature
d) Social Sciences

Lines in MLA papers should be _____________ spaced ?
a) None
b) Single
c) Double
d) Triple

Which two items should appear in the header of a MLA paper?
a) Student last name and date
b) Student last name and page number
c) Page number and date
d) Paper title and page number

Margins for a MLA paper should be ____ inch on all sides
a) 1
b) 1.5
c) 2
d) 3

Which of the following is the most commonly used font in MLA style?
a) Arial
b) Calibri
c) Verdana
d) Times New Roman

What does the acronym MLA stand for?
a) Modern Language Associates
b) Modern Language Assassins
c) Modern Language Association
d) Modern Language Assessment

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