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If you were to construct a graphic organizer for paragraph 6 and you used Silent Tarzan Movies as your heading and made the first subtopic no dialogue and the second subtopic background music, what should be the third subtopic?
a) A. no color used
b) B. appearance of actors important
c) C. produced by MGM
d) D. radio show canceled

In the section entitled Other Successes, what evidence do you have that Tarzan's popularity declined in the 1950s?
a) F. Burroughs died.
b) G. No Tarza books or comics were produced.
c) H. The radio show ended.
d) J. Gas stations quit giving out Tarzan products.

Which of the following is a simile used by the author of Tarzan?
a) A. sold like hotcakes
b) B. once in a blue moon
c) C. raised by apes
d) D. final crowning success

Choose the most accurate cause/effect relationship based upon Tarzan.
a) F. Burroughs wrote his first novel in 1911. Therefore, Tarzan became a big hit.
b) G. Early magazines contained serials. Therefore, they were called pulp magazines.
c) H. More than 40 Tarzan movies were made. Therefore, Tarzan appeared on television.
d) J. Burroughs' first publisher rejected his second story. Therefore, he sold it to a different publisher.

Identify the purpose for reading the passage Calling My Name, and choose the option below that BEST expresses that purpose.
a) A. to decide which type of chocolate is best
b) B. to understand why people eat too many sweets
c) C. to learn where chocolate comes from and its history
d) D. to enjoy the author’s memories about eating chocolate

What is the author’s main purpose in the passage Calling My Name?
a) F. to inform
b) G. to amuse
c) H. to influence
d) J. to persuade

The reader can infer from the passage, Calling My Name, that chocolate can be used in many ways. Which statement supports that inference?
a) A. My favorite kind of chocolate is dark chocolate, the type sometimes called bittersweet or semi-sweet.
b) B. I like chocolate in any form— candy bars, cookies, brownies, cake, hot drinks, icing, and pie filling.
c) C. The seeds, called cocoa beans, are encased in reddish-brown fruit pods approximately a foot long.
d) D. This liquor may be cooled and hardened into bars for cooking chocolate or pulverized into cocoa powder.

In the passage Calling My Name, which idea is developed after the introduction?
a) F. chocolate today
b) G. dark chocolate
c) H. where chocolate comes from
d) J. love of chocolate

When is the STAAR test.
a) A. April Fool's day
b) B. April 20, 21
c) C.April 21, 22
d) D. April 20, 21, 22

How do you eat eggs?
a) A. With a spoon
b) B. With a Spatula
c) C. With a fork
d) D. Any way you can

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