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As a MINIMUM, what must you do with classmates when it comes to safety?
a) Cooperate with each other
b) Compete with each other
c) Do not tell each other
d) Watch out for the worst behaved student

In this type of learning, each student within a given group may have specific tasks for which he or she is responsible.
a) Cooperative learning
b) Brainstorming
c) Modular learning
d) Nominal group learning

What must be worn at all times when working in the lab?
a) Safety glasses/goggles
b) Gloves
c) Headband
d) Jewelry

If you spill something, what should you do?
a) Clean it up immediately
b) Get a bucket of soapy water
c) Report the spill to the maintenance office of the school
d) Tell the custodian

If you do not know how to safely operate a machine, what should you do?
a) Do not operate it
b) Do the operation anyway
c) Experiment with the machine
d) Get a friend to teach you

A person can tell if he/she is standing too close to someone who is using a machine if:
a) He/she is in the safety zone
b) Chips of material hit him/her
c) The teacher warns him/her
d) The machine user yells at him/her

What should you do if you see a tool or machine that has malfunctioned or is damaged?
a) Report it to the teacher
b) Get the toolbox
c) Report the damage to the maintenance office of the school
d) Tell the custodian

A major precaution while trying to move a large board in the lab is:
a) Taking care while lifting
b) Lifting with gloves and steel toed shoes
c) Lifting with your back
d) Storing board so the end hangs off of a table or workbench

If you have been using the computer for a long time, how often should you take a break?
a) Every hour
b) Every 30 minutes
c) Not necessary
d) Only when convenient

Where should all flammable materials be stored?
a) Flammables cabinet
b) Under workbenches
c) With the rags
d) With the scrap newspaper

If you are using equipment like an office type chair and a computer keyboard for long periods of time, what precaution should you take?
a) Make sure the equipment is adjusted for your body
b) Bring your own chair to school
c) Switch seats every hour
d) Take a break every 15 minutes.

Where should you store oily rags?
a) Metal, lidded container
b) Flammable cabinet
c) On a newspaper to keep work surfaces clean
d) Tools bin

When you place a board on a workbench, you hsould be sure that:
a) It does not hang over or outside of the workspace
b) It is sorted by type of wood
c) It is standing vertically
d) Tools and materials are stored near it

What if you have just a small injury like a splinter?
a) Report it to the teacher
b) Dress it with medicine and a bandage
c) Wash it with soap and water
d) You only have to report small accidents to the student in charge of safety.

When working with machines, what is important to do with your long hair, jewelry, neckties
a) Restrain long hair and remove loose items
b) Allow loose items to dangle freely
c) Cut them off
d) Wear a protective hat

If you know that a classmate is using illegal drugs while working in the lab, what should you do?
a) Report him or her to the teacher
b) Assist the student with his or her work
c) Keep it a secret
d) Watch out for the student

When it comes to procedures for emergencies like a tornado, what are your responsibilities?
a) Knowing and practicing the procedures
b) Being in charge of first aid
c) Calming down other students
d) Leading other students out of the building

If someone has taken a cold medication before technology education class, he/she should:
a) Avoid lab work
b) Avoid injuring other students
c) Avoid working with flammables
d) Report to the school nurse

Plan revision is a/an:
a) Process task
b) Input revision
c) Output revision
d) Problem redefinition

When it comes to conducting effective meetings, if you avoid becoming defensive when someone else's ideas conflict with yours, you will be more likely to:
a) Consider new ideas
b) Lengthen the meeting
c) Obtain the floor
d) Shorten the length of the meeting

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