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In the 1920s which new forms of entertainment became available to many Americans?
a) Radio and movies
b) Television and newspapers
c) Books and magazines
d) Advertising and telephones

What movement took place during the 1920s in which thousands of African Americans  moved north to find work?
a) The Great Depression
b) The Great Gatsby
c) The Great Migration
d) The Great White Fleet

Which development contributed strongly with powering labor-saving devices in the  home?
a) Electrification
b) Natural gas
c) Generators
d) Windmills

Which invention had the greatest impact on the settlement of the Great Plains after  the Civil War?
a) Steel plow
b) Cotton gin
c) Water wheel
d) Oil drill

The growth of organized crime during the 1920s is most closely related to the —
a) collapse of the stock market
b) rise of labor unions
c) laws against making alcohol
d) increase in unemployed workers

Which statement is true about African Americans before moving north during the  Great Migration?
a) They faced discrimination and violence.
b) They were denied educational benefits.
c) They lost their citizenship and voting rights.
d) They were denied their religious freedom.

Building roads, schools and improving government buildings are examples of which  federal work program?
a) Civilian Conservation Corp
b) Agricultural Achievement Act
c) Works Progress Administration
d) Tennessee Valley Authority

Which of the following was NOT an effect of the Great Depression?
a) One-fourth of workers were without jobs
b) Many banks and businesses failed
c) There were large numbers of homeless and hungry
d) Farmers' incomes increased to high levels

Which adaptation for living on the Great Plains did NOT contribute to the end of the  cowboy era?
a) Barb-wired fences
b) Railroad
c) Hay fed cattle
d) Steel plow

How many workers were unemployed at the height of the Great Depression?
a) 50%
b) 15%
c) 25%
d) 35%

Over-speculation, buying on margin, failure of the Federal Reserve and high tariffs  are all -
a) causes of World War I
b) causes of the Great Depression
c) causes of World War II
d) causes of the Temperence Movement

What were the illegal bars of the Prohibition era called?
a) Speakeasies
b) Saloons
c) Watering holes
d) Pubs

The period of rebirth of African American art forms is known as the —
a) Black Eagles
b) Great Migration
c) Harlem Renaissance
d) Harlem Revival

Which individual was NOT a musical artist of the Harlem Renaissance?
a) Georgia O’Keeffe
b) Duke Ellington
c) Louis Armstrong
d) Bessie Smith

A person receiving monthly benefits at age 65 is an example of which part of the New Deal?
a) Farm assistance programs
b) Federal works programs
c) Increased rights for labor
d) Social Security

Who was involved in the Harlem Renaissance?
a) African American writers and performers
b) Hispanics and Native Americans artists
c) Flappers
d) African American business men

The Grapes of Wrath, a novel about migrant workers during the Depression, was  written by -
a) Georgia O'Keeffe
b) Langston Hughes
c) F. Scott Fitzgerald
d) John Steinbeck

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